Professional Women

Success at Work… at a Price

Aiden is bright and has worked hard her whole life. She means business and demands excellence, and it’s paid off.

Of course, work has its own challenges, whether navigating the boys club or setting limits with endless meetings or employees.

Some days take a toll on her physically and emotionally.

Harder at Home

Aiden puts out fires at work all the time, but it’s harder in her personal life.

It’s just not as easy to exhibit that same work confidence and skill with her friends and family.

In fact, she finds herself more frustrated at home than at work.

When Caring and Nurturing Take a Back Seat

Aiden cares very much for others. She enjoys listening to her friends and nurturing her relationships. It feels good that others come to her for support and she’s able to help.

But lately she’s noticing that it’s taking up more time than it used to, and there’s less time for her.

When conflict arises, she tends to think carefully about what she is going to say or do. Sometimes she worries that doing something will make matters worse. Often she chooses to do nothing because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. 
Aiden’s now having trouble getting to sleep. She’s tired, more irritable, and less patient than she used to be.

It Just Isn’t Working Anymore

If you’re a working parent managing all the demands of professional and family life AND relationships…

… and you continue to put yourself last…

It’s just not sustainable.

When that boss who doesn’t seem to be listening or is putting more on your list IS YOU, then it’s time to start putting your needs first and start caring for yourself.

Put YOU Back on Your List

Therapy helps you prioritize your needs so you can continue to excel at this high level…

… in your at work, your parenting, and your relationships.

Quality, dedicated time every week to focus on YOU will improve your emotional health and allow you to achieve the greatness you desire.

It’s Not Too Much to Ask

Forty-five minutes a week is not a lot to ask from your yourself or from your family.

This is a time that you can count on to be devoted to YOU: your needs, your wants, your desires, your dreams, your health, your wellness…

… so that you can serve others in your life as only you can.

I understand… and I’m here to help.

I understand first-hand some of the unrealistic pressures and demands on women:

… full-time work, family life, and trying to do the very best for your community!

I’ll teach you to set boundaries, communicate more effectively, and take things less personally, so you can feel more connected to the people you love.

It’s time to bring that “professional bad ass” to all areas of your life!

Start living the life you want. Call me at (415) 354-4241.