Life Transitions

Change is a natural part of life.

She just moved to a new city and is adjusting to her new home, new job, and new friends.

She has been through this before, and she’s a pro when it comes to moving. She even involved the family in the planning process.

Everyone was so excited to move here. Everything was well thought out and perfectly planned.

So why is her partner getting so stressed and depressed?

Transitions can bring on unexpected negative consequences.

He was excited about his new job, but now he hates it.

He misses his old friends and wants to go back.

He is having panic attacks, can’t sleep, and keeps worrying.

Most don’t prepare enough for the adjustment period.

Starting at a new school, job, relationship, getting married, or living in a new city are normal life events and significant life transitions.

Often, people don’t allow themselves enough time to prepare for such milestones.

Moreover, most don’t take the time to notice their own thoughts and feelings…

This keeps them from managing their reactions and being unaware of the adjustment period that follows.

Therapy can help.

Therapy can help you plan for an upcoming milestone.

Have more realistic expectations so that you can adjust more easily.

Get in touch with all the thoughts and feelings that come with change.

Therapy can help you to say goodbye to what’s familiar, face the unknown, and adjust to the new experience.

Let me support you.

Transitions can be a difficult time.

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