Individual Therapy

Putting your list ahead of yourself?

As someone who says yes to many things and puts others needs before your own, it’s easy to skip your morning workout or miss having lunch with a close friend because you haven’t checked off things from your list or it feels like there’s just no time.

You want things to be better.

You want to do the right thing. You want to have more joy in your life.

You can’t keep working at this pace for another 10 years.

If this doesn’t change, you don’t know how you’re going to get through another week.

I get it.

I work with people like you who are successful and “have it all” — the great career, the beautiful children, the great friends, nice partner, and the dreamy home.

Yet, having all of it sometimes means not having enough energy to have fun with your kids…

… or alone time to decompress.

… or resources to maintain that connection with your well-meaning partner.

… or to do nothing at all.

Maybe you’re hard on yourself for not being productive … or you feel like you’ve wasted precious time.

When you allow yourself the time to take a break and allow these things their place, it can lead to more satisfaction in your life.

Tired of feeling invisible?

Your parents loved you dearly, but maybe they taught you how to attend to their needs and espouse their values over your own.

For some first generation families, or people who were raised in particular religions or cultures, speaking up was not something learned because it was considered talking back.

You were not taught not to say no, and you did not learn how to communicate effectively with loved ones.

You did learn to avoid conflicts at all costs.

Therapy puts you first.

The time is devoted to you, your needs, and your wants.

We talk about that you’re worried about, the things that you do, what’s troubling you, and all the feelings that come with that.

We can talk about things that you don’t want to burden your friends and family about, the things that are scary, the things you’ve avoided, and the things you wish you could say or do but can’t.

Therapy helps you make changes.

Make changes with positive lasting results:

  • Say yes to the things you want to say yes to
  • Say no to things you don’t have more time for and with less guilt
  • Allow you to have time for yourself
  • Set boundaries
  • Understand how you got into this situation
  • Get in touch with your own wants and desires
  • Communicate in more effective ways with your husband, wife, partner, and children
  • Take things less personally
  • Feel more connected to yourself and the people you love

Let me help you.

Don’t spend another minute feeling resentful in your relationships.

Let today be the day you begin the next chapter in your life.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Call me today at (415) 354-4241 or book online.