Grief and Loss

The busyness has settled, and it’s getting quiet.

It has been two months since Haile’s partner died.

She’s now realizing that the funeral services had kept her mind busy and her feelings at bay.

People still leave voice, email, and text messages, and some drop by with food… but she’s noticing less and less of that.

She tells herself, “That’s ok… people are busy and have their own lives to live.”

It’s harder to do the things that used to be normal.

Nowadays, it’s hard for Haile just to stay on top of things.

It’s harder for her to get up in the morning.

She hasn’t finished reading all the sympathy cards.

Getting to the gym is harder and harder to do. She knows that meditation will help, but she doesn’t do that either.

She has tried reading books, but she keeps reading the same page over. Why is it so hard to focus and concentrate?

It’s so much easier to watch her favorite show night after night. After all, that’s what she and her partner used to do together.

She wonders if she and her kids are going to be okay.

Why did he have to die now? This was not the plan.

She has so many questions and wishes he were here. She misses him terribly.

The kids are not crying and they’re going to school… but they’re spending way too much time on their phones and tablets.

She doesn’t have the energy to set limits.

She wonders if they are going to be okay. She wonders if SHE is going to be okay.

This is harder than she thought it was going to be.

It’s too hard to talk to other people about this, and there are things she’s been thinking that she can’t say out loud.

She wonders if she’s going crazy.

She doesn’t want to bother her friends and family. Besides, she’s so grateful for the help they are giving that she doesn’t want to ask for more.

She has to keep it together.

Grief looks different for everyone.

Death and loss are part of life, but grief comes in many forms.

It is unique and personal, and the process will vary.

Whether you’ve lost a loved one to death, lost your job or home, had miscarriage, been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, ended a long-term relationship, or have experienced infertility…

You are entitled to grieve, and you don’t have to go through this alone.

What grief therapy looks like…

Grief therapy gives you support and the space to you need to share what’s on your mind.

Feel the emotions that you can’t feel when you are at work or with your family and friends.

I have specialized training in grief and loss and can help you sort through the confusing and difficult thoughts, feelings, and decisions that accompany your loss.

I can listen to what’s on your mind and sit with your feelings no matter how scary, painful, or embarrassing they may be.

I can sit with long silences, and we don’t even have to talk if you don’t want to.

Help is here.

Whether it’s been 2 months, 2 years, up to 2 decades or more, help is here.

Grief isn’t something you “get over”… something from which you “move on.”

I can help you or your kid live with it, accept it, and go on with your lives.

I can support you though your stage or tasks of grief, wherever you may be.

Contact me now.

Let me help you or your kid create new joy in living.