Consultation for Parents

While parenting can be joyous and rewarding,…

it can also be hard, stressful, and confusing!

None of us were given a manual.

Whether your kid is a toddler, teen, or young adult, parent’s today struggle with balancing demanding work schedules with hectic family life.

Parenting can be stressful for everyone.

Rushing to and from work. Picking up tired children from school and other activities.

Preparing nutritious meals – while managing allergies or other special food needs.

Refereeing arguments between siblings.

All the while trying to stay connected to your husband, wife, or partner or managing a healthy co-parenting relationship.


Even the best parents in the world find themselves in hot moments.

Reacting, demanding, punishing, yelling…

These “hot” moments can leave parents feeling frustrated, guilty, and inadequate.

Kids and teens in turn often feel unheard, rushed, controlled, mad, or confused.

We KNOW what we should be doing is:

Reflecting, connecting, guiding, teaching…

These are the moments we want to be having with our kids.

But it’s so hard.

Ready to Upgrade Your Family Structure?

If these “hot” moments are happening more frequently and you are wanting:

  • To respond with more patience and calm.
  • To have a peaceful start to your work day.
  • To talk to your kid so he or she will listen.
  • For your kid offer to help out in the morning. Instead of chasing/nagging him or her to get things done.
  • More loving moments with your child.
  • More peace in household.

There’s another way.

If you’re ready to take a courageous step to…

… look at yourselves and recognize you’re are in relationship with your child,

… be curious about your own and your kid’s inner world,

… really want understand what might be going on beneath your child’s behavior, and

… want improve your relationship with your child,

I can help you become a more reflective and mindful parent.

A reflective parenting approach can be effective during hot moments and in turn improve your child’s resiliency and your connection with your kid.

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Parenting Workshops

If you are a preschool director, school principal, or PTO/PTA board member and would interested in a parenting workshop about transitions, grief or anxiety at your school, please call me (415) 354-4241 or book online.