Consultation for Clinicians

Something Missing in Your Practice?

Sam meets with her supervisor to discuss her case load.

During the meeting, she notices that he seems to focus on administrative issues:

Did she see enough clients this week? Was her paperwork signed and turned in on time?

She has noticed that he’s cancelled quite a few of her supervision sessions.

Looking for More?

She wants to talk more about details of her last session, but she doesn’t get to it… again.

Even when she does get to discuss a case, he seems more focused on symptom reduction. Of course, she knows this is important, but…

She is also interested in understanding her client’s family traumas and losses, connecting more with her client, and using other interventions that can deepen her work.

Sam has tried to bring her concerns to his attention, but he doesn’t seem to notice that there’s an issue. He seems a bit overwhelmed himself and she doesn’t want a negative review.

Where Consultation Fits

As a licensed mental health clinician, graduate student, or intern, you like your job and the clients your serve…

But something is missing.

Not getting what you need from your supervisor and would like a supplemental source of support and guidance?

Wanting to work more deeply in your cases—examining in detail the factors underlying client behavior and exploring a range of possible interventions?

Needing professional expertise at your side so that you can focus on professional development?

Feeling isolated and longing for fresh perspectives, a sounding board, or help with a particular issue or case?

Considering opening up a private practice or offering online therapy but just don’t know how to get started or how to get it off the ground and running?

Whether you’re a beginning or seasoned therapist, I can help.

Let Me Be the Partner at Your Side

Whatever your issue or challenge, I have the knowledge and experience to be able to give you specific ideas and suggestions to help you meet it head on.

Plus, as a partner at your side, I can help you feel more grounded and confident as you face these challenges.

I’m here to help.

Call me today at (415) 354-4241 or book online.