A Captive to the Worrying… and Worrying

Liv always feels a captive to her worry.

She desperately needs to talk with her best friend, Meghan, about what happened. But she’s avoiding it… again.

She’s reread the text thread over and over. She wonders if she’s missed anything and she’s convinced Meghan is mad at her.

Liv even runs it by her husband, who seems somewhat annoyed that she’s still worrying about it. When he tries to reassure her, it doesn’t work.

Every time she thinks about calling Meghan, she feels her heart pounding and her palms get sweaty. She can’t stop thinking about it.

She’s so afraid to say what’s really on her mind because she doesn’t want to hurt her Meghan’s feelings or, worse yet, lose her as a friend.

The Assets of High Achievement…

As a bright, motivated, insightful, and responsible person, Liv likes to think things through.

She pays attention to details. At times, she can be a bit of a perfectionist.

These “assets of high achievement” have contributed to her success with work, friendships, parenting, and marriage.

… and the Liabilities that Come with It

But she despises conflict and confrontation…

And when things go wrong, she blames herself.

Confrontation is SERIOUSLY uncomfortable for her. Sometimes she even feels pain in her stomach or she gets a headache.

Anxiety Becoming a Problem

While her approach to relationships and problems has worked for much of her life, she’s feeling more stressed… and anxiety is starting to get in the way.

She’s feeling more nervous and on-edge… and it’s been harder to control her worries, especially the ones that bring her down or make her worries worse.

It’s harder to relax… even after a few drinks.

Lately, she’s more irritable, less patient with her kids, and more argumentative with her husband. Decisions are taking her longer than they used to, and she’s second-guessing the decisions she’s already made.

You Are Not Alone

If you are like Liv, you’re not alone.

Anxiety is the most common problem in the United States, affecting 40 million adults and 4.4 million children year (National Institute of Mental Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

False Alarms: From Normal Worry to Harmful Anxiety

It’s normal to feel worried about certain things.

Sometimes difficult, scary, or sad things happen, which get our worries started.

Our bodies are designed to use worry as a source of protection… but when we are not in danger, our worries sound off false alarms.

Anxiety Is Treatable; I Can Help

Are you tired of the way your worries make you feel?

Therapy can help you or your kid rewire your brain and break free from worry.

Together, we will learn what triggers your anxiety and why you’re feeling anxious…

And develop skills and tools to manage that so it has a less hold over you.

Let me help you break free from anxiety and function better.

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