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Saying yes – even when you really don’t have time
or energy.

It’s another productive day at work.

Just as you begin to block out time for yourself, a meeting gets added to your schedule. Of course you accept it and attend.

When your boss asks you for an update on your project and you share the details, she seems to talk over you or move on so quickly as though she was not even listening. You feel your shoulders tighten and your ears get hot.

Later when you get home you find that you have less patience for your partner and the kids are whining.

Self-doubt (or guilt) gets in your way.

You still make the cupcakes for the bake sale tomorrow and confirm for the carpool.

Later that night you decide not to host the dinner party next week because you have too much on your plate, and you’re worried some people will feel left out.

One of your friends, who you were thinking of not inviting, does not return your text. Is she mad at you? Have you done something wrong?

You feel a little relief about not hosting, but now you feel guilty about your decision.

It’s hard to focus when there’s a loss.

As you get ready for bed, you read an email from your kid’s teacher reminding parents to turn in the field trip permission slip.

You panic slightly because you can’t remember where you left it.

A tear begin to fall and you sigh. It’s been a rough week, and now you know why. You remember that you father’s anniversary is coming up.

He died 5 years ago, and you miss him dearly.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You’re successful, thoughtful, and generous with your time.

Yet, it doesn’t feel like things are working well.

It’s easy to feel unappreciated despite all of your efforts, all your time, all your energy.

It makes sense that you want your life to feel easier.

I’m here to tell you that change is possible.

I help people just like you feel:

  • More connected in their lives
  • Respond more calmly to the people you love
  • More peace and harmony
  • More appreciated
  • Loved in their relationships
  • More patience
  • More adjusted after a big loss

Hi. I’m Myra Bernecker.

For the last 18 years, I have taught many women and kids like you the skills and techniques they need to say yes to the things they want and no to the things they don’t.

Working together you’ll learn how to set boundaries, communicate in more effective ways, not to take things so personally, and feel more connected to yourself and the people you love.

Let me help you get from here to there.

More About Me

The life you want to be living is within reach.

I understand first hand some of the challenges full-time work, family life, and
trying to do the very best for your family and your community!

I work every day at finding balance in my own life with nutrition, work, play, and exercise.

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