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Do you find yourself saying yes to things even though you don’t have the time? Is there too much on your plate? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

I get it.

I work with people like you who are successful and “have it all” — the great career, the beautiful children, the nice boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, or partner, and the dreamy home. And yet, you find that having all of it sometimes means not having enough:
• Energy
• Time for yourself
• Connection with your well-meaning partner
• Satisfaction in life
• Or you feel guilty or selfish when you do things for yourself.

Or you may have moved, started new job or school, ended a relationship, lost a family member, pet, or close friend.

Although you communicate well and be powerful at work — you find that you are having a hard time setting boundaries with your partner, family members, children, or other relationships.

You might have been raised by parents who loved you dearly, but taught you how to attend to their needs or dismiss yours. For some first generation families, or people who were raised in particular religions or cultures, speaking up was not something that you learned because it was considered talking back or you grew up in a family where children’s needs mattered less. You may have learned that being respectful was just doing as you are told. You were not taught not to say no and you did not learn how to communicate effectively with loved ones. Moreover, you learned to avoid conflicts at all costs.

You might feel like you achieved goals and should be happy and for some reason you’re not. You’re good at fixing things but you haven’t been able to fix this.

You want things to be better, you want to do the right thing, and you want to have more joy in your life. You can’t keep working at this pace for another 10 years. If this doesn’t change, you don’t know how you’re going to get through another week.

Individual therapy can help you make changes with positive lasting results. I help people just like you learn to:
• Say yes to the things they want to say yes to
• Say no to things you don’t have more time for and with less guilt
• Allow you to have time for yourself
• Set boundaries
• Understand how you got into this situation
• Get in touch with your own wants and desires
• Communicate in more effective ways with you husband, wife, partner, and children
• Not to take things so personally
• Feel more connected to yourself and the people you love

If you don’t want to spend another minute feeling resentful in your relationships, Let today be the day you begin the next chapter in your life. You don’t have to do this alone. If you want learn more about me, click here or book online.

I want you to call me today at (415) 354-4241.


Are you worried about your child or is your child or teen a worrier?

Maybe your kid is getting to sleep too late because of studies, is spending time and energy with a toxic friend, or is having trouble concentrating or focusing in school.

Your kid is thoughtful, generous, and follows the rules.

Your son or daughter might be someone that really notices those kids who DON’T follow the rules. And he or she might get SO upset or feels a very strong sense of injustice when these kids don’t get in trouble. Moreover he or she can’t seem to lighten up or give themselves a break.

Your kid might be having difficulty adjusting to a change like starting kindergarten, middle/high school or college, or a new job; maybe you’ve moved, or are in the middle of a divorce; or your kid has lost a loved one or pet to death.

I know that you want what is best for your kid. You have probably tried everything in an effort to help guide and support them. Somehow those strategies are not working. You need a fresh perspective or sounding board to get feedback about your child.

I’ve worked with many children who are high achieving, worrying, grieving, or have low self-esteem. Kids and teens do not always know what is happening and have a hard time verbalizing what is going on. I specialize in helping kids whose happiness is now at risk by: staying up too late studying, putting school work before friendships, spending time with toxic friends, or procrastinate with applications because they are so worried they won’t get into the school of their choice, obsessing over unnecessary details.

I help kids and teens:
• Be more polite
• Communicate their needs which leads to less tantrums
• Go to bed a reasonable time
• Initiate conversations with me about how they’re feeling
• Learn how to make and maintain healthy friendships
• Set boundaries with toxic friends

Child therapy can help kids and teens handle tough situations or losses, build stronger relationships, and recover from new or unexpected changes or setbacks. Let’s help your kid feel better now and develop lifelong skills. Help your teenager, step into being an adult without tantruming along the way.

There is hope. Call me today at (415) 354-4241. If you’re a teen book online.


Parenting Consultation

While parenting can be joyous and rewarding, it can also be hard, stressful, and confusing. None of us were given a manual. Whether you have a toddler, teen, or young adult child, parent’s today struggle with balancing demanding work schedules with hectic family life.

Parenting can be stressful for everyone:
• Rushing to and from work
• Picking up tired children from school and other activities
• Preparing nutritious meals
• Managing allergies or other special food needs
• Mitigating arguments between siblings

All the while trying to stay connected to your husband, wife, or partner or managing a healthy co-parenting relationship.


Even the best parents in the world can find themselves:
• Reacting
• Demanding
• Punishing
• Yelling

These “hot” moments can leave parents feeling frustrated, guilty, and inadequate. Kids and teens in turn often feel unheard, rushed, controlled, mad, or confused.

We KNOW what we should be doing is:
• Reflecting
• Connecting
• Guiding
• Teaching

But it’s so hard.

I work with parents who are ready to upgrade or solidify their family structure and do something different.

If these “hot” moments are happening more frequently and you are wanting:
• To respond with more patience and calm
• Just want to have a peaceful start to your work day
• To talk to your kid so he or she will listen
• Your kid offer to help out in the morning, instead of chasing/nagging him or her to get things done
• More loving moments with your child
• More peace in household

There’s another way. If you’re ready to take a courageous step… to look at yourselves and recognize you’re are in relationship with your child, be curious about your own and your kid’s inner world, really want understand what might be going on beneath your child’s behavior, and want improve your relationship with your child, I can help you become a more reflective and mindful parent. A reflective parenting approach can be effective during hot moments and in turn improve your child’s resiliency and your connection with your kid.

Please don’t wait. Call me today (415) 354-4241 or book online.

If you are a preschool director, school principal, or PTO/PTA board member and would interested in a parenting workshop at your school, please call me (415) 354-4241 or book online.

Clinical Consultation

Are you a licensed mental health professional or graduate student or intern in counseling or psychology and looking for additional support?

I offer consultation to beginning therapists and seasoned therapist who are interested:
• Supplementing your current supervision at your clinic
• Wanting to work more deeply with their child cases
• Wanting to focus on professional development
• Needing specific ideas or suggestions with running their private practice
• Wanting offer online therapy but don’t know how to get started

I’m here to help. Call me today (415) 354-4241 or book online


For California residents only

Are you someone who says yes to so many things that you don’t have the time to get into therapy? There are so many things to do in the day: get up, get breakfast for yourself and your family, drive the kids to school and yourself to work, put the baby down for a nap, go to meetings, answer phone calls, prepare for presentations, go to more meetings, research, answer emails, drive home, pick up the kids, and make dinner, that you skip your morning workout or miss having lunch with a close friend because you haven’t checked off things from your list or there’s just no time.

Yet you still understand the value of ongoing personal work and you still need support with anxiety.

Results of this, is continuing is to put others needs before your own and your worrying is not getting any better.

Through online therapy also known as video counseling, telehealth, telemental health, or telemedicine, we can meet remotely by secure HIPAA compliant videoconference:
• During your lunchtime at your office
• While your baby or toddler is napping at 10 am or 1:30 in the afternoon.
• While your mother’s helper is watching your little one
• During your conference break while traveling for business

Through your computer, tablet, or smart phone, as long as you have a camera and an internet connection, you can have therapy wherever you are.

Online therapy is for:
• Busy professionals
• Parents
• Caretakers

And for many people your insurance may covers this service. You need to be a California resident and you need to be in California during your session.

If you’re a working parent, with all the demands of your professional life, family life, and your relationship, and you continue to put yourself last, this is not sustainable. I am here to help you prioritize your own needs.

In order to run or show up at this A+ level in your business, parenting, and marriage, it’s necessary for you to have dedicated time for just you. You need to feed your own emotional health. Having quality, dedicated time every week, to focus on you, allows you to achieve the greatness you desire.

Telehealth is for people who would otherwise not make their mental health or emotional well being a priority. If you tend to put everybody first, this is a great remedy for you.

If you’re ready to experience:
• Patience and calm
• Inner peace
• Clarity of mind
• Restored sense of energy and enthusiasm for your relationship, marriage, or job

It’s not a lot to ask from yourself or your family to have 45 minutes a week that is completely devoted 100% to you. A time on your lunch hour or a time that works best for you, that you always know will be devoted to you, your needs, your wants, your desires, your dreams, your health, your wellness; so that you can serve everyone else in your life the way that you do.

Let’s get started now. Don’t wait another minute. Call me now (415) 354-4241 or book online.