Therapy and Why it Works

I had the opportunity to work with a young girl who was struggling with the loss of her father and starting high school. Even though she earned straight A’s, she felt lonely, missed her friends who went to a different school, lost quite a lot of weight from dieting, and had trouble getting to sleep. She would stay up late finishing her homework, studying for tests, or trying to help out her friends who turned to her for emotional support. While she was close to her mother, she did not want to get in trouble or burden her mom with all mundane details. She didn’t think her friends would understand. So she dealt by keeping things to herself. Her mother already had enough to worry about.

Weekly therapy brought her immediate relief. As she shared her daily worries, she began to feel lighter. She liked talking about what was on her mind: school, family, friend drama, and crushes. She finally had someone who she trusted to listen, and understand her. She did not have to worry about burdening me with the details. After working together, she learned how to better listen to and trust herself, began letting go of toxic friendships, began eating healthier, and her sleep significantly improved. Through therapy, she learned so much about herself, how to be assertive, and cope with her worries more effectively.

Being a part of transformations such as this fuels my devotion to help kids and adults with:

  • feeling seen and heard
  • calming their anxious minds
  • feeling better about who they are
  • learning skills to maintain relationships that are nurturing and make them happier

especially when they :

  • change schools/jobs
  • cope with divorce
  • lose a loved one
  • experience other big changes in their lives.

And I would like to help you or your child too.

Please don’t wait, call me at (415) 354-4241.

What It’s Like To Work With Me

As a clinical psychologist, I specialize in working with children, adults, and parents struggling with anxiety, worry, feeling overwhelmed with school, work, or family demands, managing their behaviors in frustrating moments, and coping with loss or change in relationships and life. I have over 20 years experience working in mental health in a range of settings. I offer services in San Francisco, CA and San Rafael, CA.

Some of you may be interested in where and with whom I trained. Call me at (415) 354-4241 and I would be happy to discuss that information with you or you can scroll down below. I think it can be more useful for you to know what it is like to work with me. You can catch a glimpse of my personality in my interview about the movie Inside Out published in the Pacific Sun.

Feeling seen, heard, and felt, and having the space to sort things through are incredible healing experiences that I offer my patients. I am able to listen to all experiences no matter how embarrassing, scary, or painful it is for them. My emotional strength helps them feel safe to do deep work. I show up on time, notice small meaningful details, point out important and sometimes surprising connections, and teach them important skills; all of which help my patients know they matter and help them change. I often hear from my patients, “You’re a good listener”, “I feel better now” or “I know what I need to do now.” Some parents say, “We now have the tools we need” or “It’s nice to know what we’re doing right.” Most parents feel relieved to know someone is on their side and supporting their child.

In addition to being a psychologist, I am a wife and mother. I particularly enjoy skiing, hiking, practicing yoga and mindfulness, and watching live music.

• Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY 21427)
• Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology (Ph.D.) from CSPP at Alliant International University
• Master of Education in Counselor Education (M.Ed.) from Pennsylvania State University
• Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (B.A.) from University of California, Santa Barbara

• Grief and Loss from University of California Berkeley Extension
• Telemental Health from Person Centered Tech

• California Psychological Association
• Northern California Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology
• Marin County Psychological Association
• San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis
• Northern California Regional Sandplay Society